Buyer Home Inspections

A buyer home inspection by a Certified Home Inspector is only a call away and we can typically perform the home inspection the next day.

We take pride in guiding our clients through the inspection process by performing a thorough, unbiased inspection of the major building components, providing a detailed report of the properties condition, and empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to make a more informed decision about purchasing the property.

The inspection is a visual survey of the systems and components of the property. We encourage our clients to be present at the inspection and welcome any concerns or questions you may have.

Are you getting ready to purchase a home? Before you close the deal, inspect it with a Home Inspector! Our pre-purchase inspections will give you the accurate information you need to make one of life’s most important decisions, with confidence. Our thorough inspection services will include a complete assessment of the home’s systems and components, such as…

■  Foundations, Basements, and Under-floor Areas:Grading, slab-on-grade, crawl space (if applicable)
■  Exterior:Exterior stairs, exterior walls, eaves, soffit, fascias, chimneys, sprinklers, hose faucets, gates/fences and trees that may interfere with the proper function of plumbing/electrical
■  Roof Coverings:Roof, flashing, gutters & downspout
■  Attic Areas and Roof Framing:Framing and sheathing, access opening(s) and accessibility, insulation material(s), ventilation
 Plumbing:Main line, supply lines, waste lines, fuel lines, water heaters
■  Electrical Systems:Service, main panel, conductors, sub panels, wiring observations
■  Heating Systems:Description, condition, venting, combustion air, burners, distribution system, normal controls, air filters, general observations
■  Central Cooling Systems:Cooling equipment and operation using normal user controls, distribution system(s), duct insulation, outlets, piping systems and valves, energy source and connections, condensate drains
■  Fireplaces and Chimneys:Chimneys, flues, dampers and associated components, fireboxes, hearth extensions and permanently installed accessory components, manufactured solid-fuel or gas-burning appliances
■  Building Interior:Walls, ceilings and floors, ventilation components, doors, windows, stairs, handrails, and guardrails, permanently installed cabinet and counter top surfaces, safety glazing in locations subject to human impact.
■  Garage:Floor, firewall, ventilation, door to interior, exterior door, vehicle doors, automatic openers
 Kitchen:Sink(s), disposal, range/cook top, dishwasher, special features
 Bathroom:Toilets, sinks, bathtub(s), shower(s)
 Pool/Spa/Equipment (extra charge):Type, heater, filtration, pumps, blowers, electrical, observations

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to not only evaluate the condition of the property’s major systems and structural integrity, but also to evaluate how these systems are working together and identify areas that need to be watched, repaired or replaced. After our on-site inspection and consultation, you will receive our industry-leading inspection report, complete with color photos and an easy-to-use summary section.