Rental Property Inspection

 A rental property inspection is an integral part of the tenant turnover process for a rental unit. Unfortunately many landlords skip this important process al together. Completing this step will help you avoid any potential conflicts with your tenants with regards to the condition of the property during their turnover of the unit.

So how do I go about completing the tenant Move-In / Move-out inspection?

Your have 2 choices, be your own inspector and do it yourself with this free to downloadRental Property Inspection Checklist. Your second option would be to hire us for a property inspection of your rental home which includes a easy to read written narrative of the condition of the property including digital photos. Landlords: please inquire about special discounts for rental property inspections.

If you opt to go it alone, here’s what you should know about completing your inspection:

Before your walk-through

Your should take the time to edit the Rental Property Inspection Checklist to make it specific to your rental property. Make sure to not any fixtures and appliances that are in brand new condition or are exceptionally high quality. Likewise take note of anything that is already in poor condition.

Schedule the walk-through with your tenant

Walk through the entire home with your tenant room by room. This is done once with the prior tenant and once with the new tenant. The procedure is the same. it’s important to keep the whole process transparent. Your should provide the tenant with his or her own copy of the Rental Property Inspection Checklist. This way your tenant will have the chance to raise any questions or make note of any damage that you may have missed.

Your might also consider taking photographs, especially if your rental property is new. o this in the presence of the tenant, and include the photographs as part of your final inspection and rental property report.

Crucial things to watch out for during your walk-through inspection

In addition to reviewing the appearance of the fixtures, you’ll also want to make sure everything is in good working condition. Make sure sinks and tubs drain properly, all appliances work, and note any damages even if it seems minor. Pay attention to the condition of you paint, floors, carpeting, woodwork, light fixtures and appliances. open and close all doors and windows, work light switches and fans, and operate all appliances that belong with the property.

Afterwards, don’t be surprised if your new tenant comes back a few days after moving in to report other minor flaws that were overlooked during the initial walk through inspection. If the are truly minor, it’s best to take the tenant’s word for it; chances are the tenant didn’t cause the damage in the first couple days of their tenancy. Investigate further if the claim seems to be shady or seems too serious to have been overlooked during your walk through.

Your rental property agreement checklist is a key ingredient for making sure that you and your tenant have a clear picture of the rental property’s condition upon move-in. Use our rental property checklist as a tool to make sure your rental unit is returned to you in an acceptable condition as when the tenant first moved in. Understand that you do have to accept the fact that there will be naturally occurring minor wears and tears due to normal daily use by your tenants.

Questions? Give us a call anytime and we would be happy to discuss the walk-through procedures with you directly. Don’t want to go it alone? Schedule a rental property inspection