Pre-Listing Home Inspection

 A pre-listing home inspection by certified home inspectors can help you sell your home faster, and ensure a smooth transaction process.

Home sellers and real estate agents increasingly choose to have the home pre-inspected prior to putting it on the market. The primary advantages of a pre-listing inspection are:

All potential defects are known in advance, letting sellers know exactly what may need repaired or replaced, instead of guessing.

Armed with this knowledge, sellers can choose which improvements to make and/or adjust the asking price accordingly.

Marketing the home as ‘pre-inspected’ distinguishes it from others and gives potential buyers confidence.

With all potential issues addressed in advance, the entire transaction can move along much more smoothly and swiftly.

In fact, many real estate offices now recommend Signature Home Inspection pre-listing inspection services as part of their ‘smooth move’ programs for home sellers